Over the last three years, we have been working with WWF-UK on our joint “Renewable Idea” campaign to help raise consumer awareness of the importance of using renewable resources.

The campaign has been a great success. We began by asking the public to give us their best ideas to get people to “think and choose renewable”, with funding and resources to help bring the most popular to life.

We received over 670 ideas, which were voted on over 7,000 times to get our winner: teacher, Nick Williams, with his suggestion of a schools-based design competition to ‘Design an Image’ that can be used to represent and promote renewability.

Aimed at children aged 7-14, we worked closely with Nick to create a set of educational resources to help teachers introduce students to the subject of renewability. As a homework task, students designed their own images to represent renewability and entered them into our competition. We received over 1,100 entries from 57 schools all over the country, and the winner came from Abby Bowmar, age 9, from Darvel Primary School in Scotland, with her image “Wool you renew?

We’re now closing our campaign website and Facebook page, but you can find more information about renewability, responsible forestry management and our work with WWF here.

Thank you to everyone who took part – all of your votes, ideas, Pledges and Tree-Vital Pursuits answers helped us to raise awareness of this important cause and to raise funds for WWF’s conservation work in the Russian Caucasus. You can find out more about what you can do to support WWF’s global conservation work, here.

as well to WWF-UK for supporting us in getting the renewable message out!